Our normal turn-around time is 5-7 working days. For large quantity orders, more time will be needed.

Yes. However, it depends on the item and the type of lettering being done.

Yes. We can print logos in color and black and white. Color logos require a printed copy so we can match the color or PMS color identification.

Probably, This depends on what the final product is. We can sublimate onto metals and etch into glass and acrylic. Each case is unique some come in and talk to us.

Yes. You do need to provide certain color information like a printed copy of the color and/or PMS colors.

Absolutely! We are prepared to manufacture unique, custom awards for you event. Understand that there are design, prototype and manufacturing charges that may apply. Please allow adequate time for custom designs.

No. We are open Monday thru Friday, special accommodations can be made if we know in advance.

We are open 9 AM until 5:30 PM, Monday- Friday.

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